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Tips for getting started in a career in industrial pharmacy

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) has published an article to help pharmacists decide on whether working in industrial pharmacy might be a good fit for them….

The RPS says that working in the pharmaceutical industry can be completely different from working in a hospital or community pharmacy setting, and that if you are interested in working on a medicine and not a face to face contact with patients, this might be the right industry sector for you.

According to the RPS, there are a number of factors to consider when looking at industrial pharmacy.

career in industrial pharmacy

1. Communication skills

  • Essential as you will often be working in a multi-disciplinary team

2. Other required skills and credentials

  • The ability to work with others, time management including meeting deadlines, creative thinking and problem solving skills
  • A PhD is not essential unless you want to work in research
  • It may not matter whether or not you have experience in other settings such as community or hospital pharmacy

3. Getting started with an internship, placement or work experience

  • Doing an internship, placement or work experience in the industry to confirm that you are interested in this area is a good idea
  • Be sure to check pharmaceutical company websites as they may have information about these programs
  • You can send your CV via email, and be sure to address it to the Human Resources department, as well as pharmacists in the organisation

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